Will extending grace make me a gutless sycophant?

God extends grace to us, and loves us unconditionally.

Now,  I understand this theoretically. It’s not something that I fully believe at this stage, but I can certainly get my mind around it. I’m looking for an action plan though; things that I can actually do in order to start trying to live a more ‘Christian’ life.

What I can bring into my own life, however, is the capacity to extend grace to other people. Unconditional love. Treating others well. I can do that. I can extend grace to strangers and those that I love.

Easy. Done.

But there’s this tricky middle group that’s posing a problem.

For example, there’s a woman at work who was really rude to me last week, and I plan to be quite snippy to her tomorrow, because I don’t want her to think she can be disrespectful to me. If I don’t  let her know of my irritation, then she will think that I’m a pushover and where will it end?

(OK, that’s embarrassing, but it really is the way that my mind works)

photo credit: The Wanderer's Eye.

Grace. It sounds so simple, but when it comes right down to it, how do we extend grace to others when it’s hard?

I’m fairly sure that when Jesus told us to love each other, he didn’t mean; “Love everyone, except people who disrespect you. Or people who take advantage of you and who keep getting away with it. Or that guy at work who is totally incompetent and no one will tell him, so you really should take it on yourself to do it”

I imagine that he wanted us to extend grace to the tricky people. Those who push our buttons. Especially those people.

So tell me, how do you live a more grace-full life?

8 thoughts on “Will extending grace make me a gutless sycophant?

  1. I imagine that he wanted us to extend grace to the tricky people. Those who push our buttons. Especially those people.

    You are so right with what you said here. How to Sao it takes practice and growth in your Christian. W hen you are just beginning something new it takes practice but after having years of practice of Jesus as Lord of my life it gets easier, not that I always manage it but I really feel that I have let God down and disappointed him when I don’t behave correctly. I express grace in gratitude for what God has done for me. Only by growing your relationship with God can you become fully aware of what He has done in all it’s aspects.

    How to extend grace, etc I often ask the question, what would Jesus do? Find the answer to that question do likewise.

    This morning in church I thought of two or three thing that I wanted to share with you , yes you have been much on my mind!

    1. Jesus was a real person. God can seem a bit etherial but Jesus was flesh and blood

    2. Faith and a walk with Jesus is always a choice. I have a minute by minute choice S to whether I attribute something to God or just to luck, coincidence, etc. I choose God.

    3. Have you read any of C.S. Lewis’s books. He was searching in much the same way as you.

    4. May I ask what type of church are you attending? While the basic tenet’s will be the same in all, the outworking or expression of faith can differ greatly.
    I have been part of the Anglican/Episcopal (depending on where one lives) to the Pentecostal and now in a more sedate,but still Spirit filled Churches of Christ congregation.

    I am enjoying sharing with you.it is making me think.

  2. So sorry for my mistakes above. Hope you can figure out what I am meaning. I am getting used to anew iPad and miss my keyboard and the auto correct is something I am not used too.

  3. I understand the iPad issues; I’ve had mine a year and it still takes work to be coherent!
    I think that focussing on Jesus is a great idea. I think that my faith will grow through social justice ( which I don’t like, as I don’t like to be out of my comfort zone, but it’s a feeling that I’ve got) so I really need to pay attention to what he said.
    I started Mere Christianity last year, but didn’t persevere. I’ll go and get it again in a minute….
    I’m attending a Uniting Church. It’s quite small, and has a real mix of parishioners, and is I think ideal for me, I like sedate. Too much outward expression of faith freaks me out a little 😉 and the Minister is great. I love the inclusivity.
    Thanks so much of thinking of me. Keep up the feedback! Off to find my CS Lewis….

  4. For me, sometimes grace has to be a choice. I can’t always see it. “You’ll get the graces” is often the response when talking about something hard. And yes, more times than not, good things do come out of bad. But, in the moment I guess it’s just faith that God will give me grace. And I guess having the faith is a grace. Isn’t it a lovely circle that comes back to trust and faith? I need to be better about both.
    Bless you!

  5. I think that the Jesus way, the Love way, of doing things is a lot more than something that will put you out or make you weak. Over time, It becomes much less of a “should” and more of a reflex, a habit, something that comes from the center of you. And it is very practical. It is not only something good to be, it is the best way, the most triumphant way.
    Because if we’re snippy at people, we’re continuing the circle. At best, the woman wises up, sees you’re not someone to be messed with, and ceases. At worst, it escalates and becomes a long story of frustration.
    But in responding in love, you take yourself OUT of the circle. You’re not part of that world anymore. Love is more than a reaction, it is the most powerful thing on earth, it is above every other action. Love makes you untouchable and reachable, all at once. You’re not knocked back and forth by other people’s moods. You may FEEL them, but they don’t cause you to act differently, they don’t change you. You don’t live in the world of pettiness. You live in love.
    Getting there is the hardest thing in the world. It is a constant choice. You can extend love as you feel love, and I think that learning to receive, to truly feel God’s love for us is a life long work. It’s a good one.

    And there is my rant for the day. 🙂

    • Ha! I don’t think that it counts as a rant if it is deeply philosophical :). There’s a lot of good stuff in that comment, my friend. I’m going to have to do quite a bit of thinking about it.
      ( autocorrect just tried to change ‘thinking’ to ‘honking’. I almost left if purely for the comedy!)
      Eva x

  6. A couple of years ago I read the book Grace is for Sinners by Serena Woods. It really challenged me in the area of grace, and I often remind myself that “grace is for sinners”. It’s a wonderful book by a woman deeply broken by her sin and pushed away from the church and all the “good chrisitans” because of it. And, it’s a true story. http://www.amazon.com/Grace-For-Sinners-Serena-Woods/dp/0615278752/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365988921&sr=8-1&keywords=grace+is+for+sinners

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