Of naval-gazing and introspection.

Brett asked me a deceptively simple question in the comments last week, and I’ve been thinking about it for days. He asked:

“What would it look like to go from curious/seeking to ‘faith’? In other words, what would you be leaping to?”

I think that I’ve deviated slightly from the questions original intent, but the path that it has set me on has been concerned with looking at when a person can make the call of ‘Yep, Ok, I’m all God-ded up and I’m calling myself a Christian‘ or ‘That’s it; there’s no way at all any of this resonates with me. I’m out.’

Because I have to say I’ve made the latter decision twice this year (but clearly I never flounce for long), but not once have I felt close to the first.

Even though I have had to work through, and give up on, my obsession with getting concrete proof ( which I think I’ve managed to wean myself off), there is going to have to be some kind of paradigm shift within to enable me “…to go from curious/seeking to ‘faith’…”

I could either continue with self-indulgent whinging (in which case both you and I are going to become very bored very quickly) or I could have a good hard look at the type of faith I am hoping to come to, and what I can do to bring that about.

I know that the ‘good Christian’ response would probably be to wait and in the fullness of time/God’s plan, I will understand, etc.

But I’m not a good Christian, am I 😉

3 thoughts on “Of naval-gazing and introspection.

  1. Thanks for the mention (and the link). And I think your questions are compelling–and some elements in your struggle are so relatable (even currently) and I’m a card-carrying believer (metaphorically card-carrying as I don’t think they hand out cards).

    I suppose a good place to start would be this: What defines a Christian? (since that seems to be the main focus on this search for faith) Is it just belief that Jesus was God incarnate and dwelt among us for a bit and has some solid teaching? Or is there something else? And my boys just woke up from their naps….. time to dive back into the fray!

    • No card?? I was told that there would be a card…..This changes everything!
      I think that asking ‘what defines a Christian’ is a good idea; and for me that comes back to Jesus’ demand that we love one another. This was also the focus of the sermon yesterday morning, so it’s fresh in my mind. Keep the commandments, love God and one another. That brings me to the whole faith and works thing. Hmmmmmm.

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