I heard about Jesus Ween last week and posted about it on my Facebook page (If you haven’t liked it, then don’t you think you should?) and really didn’t plan to make it a blogging topic. Tonight though, while searching for an article about a book that’s being compiled about Dr. Who and religion (I KNOW!!!!!) I found this post.  He discusses the brilliance that is JesusWeen better than I ever could. Actually the whole blog is excellent; have a read.

(This post brought to you by one handed typing and a crotchety baby)

2 thoughts on “Jesusween.

  1. I’m sorry this is SO wrong on many levels but I would like to point out that the origin of Halloween is All Hallows Evening. A date set aside to think about those who have died and ponder our own mortal existence. The following days are 2 great feasts, All Saints, those who made it and All Souls, thos ewho have gone but we’re not sure where!An ancient Christian practice that yes has been corrupted over time but Jesusween???? SO wrong

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