All the answers, all the time.

Something that exasperates me about the teenagers that I’m lucky enough to spend much of my week with is the fact that they bloody know everything. They have a full and complete understanding of all of life’s intricacies and and total clarity of all the choices available to them and the probable ramifications.

They know it all.

Which is, as I said, annoying. It’s hard to get someone to open their eyes to new options when they already know everything and are quite happy with that omnipotence thank you very much.

( You can see where this is going, right?)

But then I look back at some of my early ( awful, cringingly horrible, really really pleading to be deleted but I’m not going to) blog posts and realise that I’m entirely guilty of the same thing.

Teenagers have an excuse, because they’re teenagers and it’s their job to be self- absorbed and obnoxious. I’m nearly 40 ( weeeee, not dead yet! That’s going to be my attitude to the looming birthday) and I like to think of myself as vaguely reflective and well read.

I. Should. Know. Better.

My assumptions about prayer, for example.  I wrote about the fact that ‘people’ pray as if God is a wish fairy and they are hoping for a genie-esque granting of desires. Or Santa- esque, to further mix metaphors.

Point is, (a) I was making sweeping generalisations, even though I though that I’d moved beyond that particular sort of faulty reasoning and (b) I had no idea what I was talking about. Prayer is much richer and more complex that I ever realised, both as an atheist and then even 2 years ago when I first started blogging.

I assumed that my understanding of it was the whole picture. Even though intuitively I knew that that wasn’t the case, that ‘head knowledge’ didn’t enable me to actually apply it to myself.

And my first though on realising this was ‘ how do people not slap me when talk to them about this stuff?’

The reason that I remain un-slapped, I guess, is because I don’t actually talk to anyone about ‘this stuff’. So, hey ho, blogging again!

6 thoughts on “All the answers, all the time.

  1. Hey, good to see you back! I’m glad I kept that “subscription” open. How are you going?

    There’s a little teenager in all of us, myself included, and I’m way past 40!! But I’d be interested to hear what new things you’ve learned about prayer to lead to this post.

    Best wishes to you. : )

    • Thanks!. Even though I’ve been on a blogging hiatus, I’ve been faithfully reading your blog. I’ll write about my prayer revelations soon, good idea.


  2. Most people do use prayer as if addressing the Wish Fairy. Most of the rest use it to kiss up to God. A very few pray as a way of celebrating connectedness and expressing their love for God. At least, that’s the way it looks to this agnostic. And, so far at least, I haven’t been slugged for it.

  3. G’day Jim, I don’t find it so bad that people ask God for stuff. And I don’t mind too much if people don’t express their love for God as much as we probably should. Talk’s cheap, and the Bible tells us that God wants actions, not just words. So the thing I’m sad about is when people, especially me, don’t do the things that please God. But I won’t be slugging you!! : )

  4. I don’t slap you cause my arm isn’t long enough and my experience is that if I leave it to God He does a much better job. He knows the perfect way to convict your soul and change your mind about things. Anyway I luvs you!

    • An, I just learnt how to reply on the WordPress App! This thing is taxing my brain.
      Anyway, I know that your always just a comment away, Jennifer 🙂

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