Bushfire Dawn


I took this photo on the way to work this morning; there’s a bushfire off in the distance which makes for gorgeous sunrises, and smokey days. Dawn is my favourite time of the day, which is justas well, given that I get up at 5 am.

5 thoughts on “Bushfire Dawn

  1. I haven’t come across you for a while. A pleasant surprise. You clicked the like button. This is Donald Miller. You now how I feel about that. But no problemo, come to the site and read the article and all will be forgive. You might even want to join the group. It’s awesome!

  2. Ha! I did come and read, but didn’t watch the video. 🙂
    Didn’t realise it was you- ill read more, I promise!

    • I always assume it’s the riff-raff going along clicking all the like buttons. Sorry I mistook you for an e-doer. 🙂 I always leave some kind of message. I like Joni’s song, even if she giggles too much in it. There’s a post called “Tntroduce Yourself and Sign in” It’s listed on the right column. If you’re interested in books and discussions you’ll probably enjoy the group. Heck, I already have two Ph.Ds signed on–and their active members. too.

      • It is a big disappointing when you get a new subscriber and discover its some shady business selling Ox Horns powder isn it? That happened to me yesterday 🙂
        I shut things down here for a while but seem to be getting back into it now.
        I’m just checking out your book group- amazing!

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