My Amazing Commenters.

I’m kind-of sort-of working on a new blog at the moment, and during the planning stage I’ve been contemplating the idea of not enabling comments. Not because I don’t like them but because my first thoughts are that it won’t be ‘that kind of blog’. Anyway, I’ve found this article that explores the apprently vexed issue in some detail… (sorry, the spiffy link thing isn’t working. DAMN YOU INTERNET!!!)

And it made me realise just how fabulous and giving the commenters here are. I’ve been in the situation over the weekend of being able to see comments appear by email, but not actually being able to get onto the blog to answer them. Which has been irritating but I’ve had a chance to read and think without having to rebut or agree; just read.

The article makes the point that many comments of popular blogs (which I’m not including myself in, never fear. The day I had 170 hits, I thought that WordPress stats was messing with me) are just filler. ‘Great post- bookmarking!’ kind of comments which add nothing to the conversation and are often posted as attempts to get traffic to their own sites.

It made me realise how much time and effort the readers of this blog put into comments. We have some serious, heartfelt ideas being left here and for that I am truly grateful.

Damn they are going to take some time to reply to, though 😉

2 thoughts on “My Amazing Commenters.

  1. Thanks for that link and your thoughts about not commenting, and about commenters. It all opened up some interesting thoughts and reading for me. It’s great having comments on one’s blog, but it is true that sometimes the discussions take on a life of their own, quite away from the blog post, and probably would be better on a forum or something. I am a guilty party! Not sure there’s any answer to that, but to accept the tedious along with the helpful and friendly. Thanks.

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