Manifest This.

I’ve always been very scornful and eye- rolly ( picture Sheldon from Big Bang Theory snorting with derision) of any ‘The Secret’ type personal growth plans of the ‘manifest your own destiny’ type.

I’ve moved from haughty derision ( seriously, the arrogance this involves is just too hard to maintain) to a kind of ‘what ever floats your boat’ to a ‘what if it could actually work?’ position. I’ve been spending some online time learning from a group of people who have some pretty strong faith in this idea- clearly articulating your goals and then putting them out into the universe to…I don’t know? Percolate? Mature? Ferment? (It’s all coffee or wine with me, isn’t it).

Being clear about what you want and making concrete plans to get there; intentionality, is useful and something that I should do more of. And the idea of calling on a universal force to help me with it is lovely and makes me feel all glowy and spiritual.


But the main, huge problem I have with this is…

What about people in Africa?

What about the woman with the starving child who puts the call for medicine or food out into the universe?

It can’t hurt and it can certainly focus the mind in a way that could be beneficial but the acceptance of it pulls me up in the same way that praying to a Christian god or giving money to a TV evangelist to get heaven bonus points does. It tends to work better for those in the First World than those who are struggling for their very existence.

Of course it isn’t necessary to critique everything you encounter and find it lacking. That’s just a peculiar ‘gift’ that I seem to have. I think that trying to manifest the things that you want to achieve in your life can be really powerful and I fully intend to get more into it.

I just can’t help but ponder the fact that 100 girl all trying desperately to manifest themselves out of sexual slavery in Thailand right now may not be quite as successful

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  1. I think often about this as well. For truth to actuality be true, would it not have to apply to all people? And, if we are going to speak of truth in relation to physical circumstances such as monetary wealth, would that not be a mentally-created-man-made truth; thus, lacking in terms of spiritual truth? I’ve discussed this more in-depth in a recent post title “The Mathematical Flaws of the Prosperity Gospel” which you may enjoy. Here’s the link and I would be honored by your thoughts.

  2. The examples you give show that it can’t work all the time for all people, or we’d all be rich and fulfilled, and the world economy couldn’t sustain it! But presumably it must work for some people. A lot probably depends on what types of goals you want to manifest.

    I’m happy to keep on relying on prayer. It may have some of those psychological advantages, but I believe it also does connect to a God who will always listen, usually respond in some way (though we may not notice it) and quite often answer directly. And if I am in relationship with God, it will change the things I ask for and make them less selfish (I hope!).

    • And the thought that if what we ask for is less selfish then we have a better chhance of achieving it follows. Mind you, I buy a ticket every week in the lotto, and have pledged to use all of my 200 thousand winnings to open a Thai orphanage. No luck yet…

  3. the words “manifest” and “destiny” in the same sentence should be a clue …at least for those who know their history. Maybe it does work if you are on the side of the wealthy and privileged …
    But like a lot of things around today, it sounds like an example of people wanting an easy way to change their lives for the better without actually having to confront anything about what is wrong with themselves, their lives or the world. “If we just believe in good … good will come”. The problem is we have to start by being honest about what is broken in order to be healed and that takes work. And that includes where do each of us sit in the chain of exploitation that leads back to the sex worker in Thailand or child labourer in China. (Which I can happily preach on about, while knowing I am not much better than the next person at changing how I affect that reality)
    Ultimately most of these packaged self improvement schemes seem to be very self centred and self serving (IMHO).

    • Yes, the manifest destiny bit did occur to me!
      Your words remind me of what I said recently about ‘spirituality’ being more selfish than ‘religion’. because it is all about self improvement. I’ve been speaking with some people recently that have shown me that this was a bit of an off-hand thing to say though. I’m mulling it over.

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