Glossy Shiney New Blog!

It’s not a replacement for this one, in fact it’s nothing like it. I’ve just been wanting to do something more current affair-sy for ages, as I’m a bit of a political junkie.

If you’re interested, it’s here
although I suspect that you lot are too well informed to need it, but hey, I’m always open for constructive criticism!

Also, over there ———>
I have a new facebook ‘like’ box. Please like it, if you feel moved. It’s just me at the moment and I feel a bit lonely and pathetic. I’m sure that we aren’t meant to define our worth through our fb pages, but I fully intend to for a bit.

Big finale of Doctor Who tomorrow! Doctor Who and facebook likes. This is my life…

6 thoughts on “Glossy Shiney New Blog!

    • Oh don’t! Can we just forget that Miracle Day ever happened, bring Ianto back from the dead and just carry on?

      • By the way, you can see John “Captain Jack” Barrowman on the recently launched TV series “Arrow”, where he plays a tycoon with two deadly secrets. “Arrow” is on CW in the U.S. and on Nine Network in Australia.

        • John Barrowman is top of my list of ‘Men I would marry if a) I wasn’t married, b) I had met and c) were not gay.

          The words ‘My Mummy loves Captain Jack’ may or may not have been uttered by my children on numerous occasions.

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