The Donut King Conversion.

Photo by Phil Headly via Flikr

Photo by Phil Headly via Flikr

I think that I became an Evangelical Christian yesterday.


I should set the scene for you;

I love buskers.

Well, I don’t actually love buskers. Often they’re bloody awful, but they are ‘out there’, sharing their passion with the world and following their dreams, blah blah blah. I usually give them an encouraging smile and give them some coinage (although I did give a really good singer $10 a few months back and he made me take one of his CD’s, claiming fairly bad temperedly I thought that he was a ‘busker, not a begger’. Which I though was a bit snarky and I really didn’t want one of his Cd’s, but anyway…)

So, there were two buskers standing outside a Donut King, and I made encouraging eye contact, as I do, which was clearly a big mistake.


(I’d not realised that being unaware of that could be so life changing)

And suddenly a man was being very nice and asking me if he could speak with me and then I was repeating something that he had on a pamphlet, and then he was holding my hand, and then the Holy Spirit descended on me. Or something; by this stage I was hoping (and praying, boom boom) that there was no-one that I knew nearby because I would have been incredibly embarrasssed that I’d just kept nodding and smiling… I hadn’t wanted to stop him mid-spiel and ruin his day, you see.

And now apparently I’m Christian.

So obviously I needn’t have bothered with journaling for the past three years because it’s that easy.

I’ll keep you posted…

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