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Hi all. I feel a bit bereft to be writing here so little; but I can only say ‘I don’t think there’s a God’, ‘Hang on, maybe there is’ so many times before I bore myself. I can only imagine how tedious it is for everyone else!

I’m having one of those lulls in my life at the moment (a perfectly normal midwinter slump, I expect. Nothing serious) when I could really do with some vaguely God-like or spiritual validation. 

Anyway, I just have a link for you, an interesting article that I found today. I suppose I’m a 3, and just lately on my facebook I have been giving a big, irritated side-eye to quite a lot of 2’s and 4’s.

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    • I agree. and this statement ‘They tend to be vocal about political causes like gay rights, feminism, the environment and the care of animals.’ Does make it sound as if those are beliefs particular to the non- religious. Which isn’t true, of course. I think I’ll write my own ‘categories’ post.

  1. I found myself a big ole conglomeration of several of these. Though I might be a bit activist about human rights issues it’s not particularly anti-religious or anti-god. In fact, both big mouth atheists and big mouth Bible thumpers get on my last nerve. I don’t really believe there’s a God, and I don’t mind someone outlining their reasons for believing or not believing, but I don’t much care for someone who obnoxiously tries to convert other people to their way of thinking. It doesn’t matter if the subject is God, being green, or the proper way to grow a tomato, as if there is just one right way to do any of those things.

    • Exactly- just don’t patronise me by assuming that If you tell me exactly *why* I’m wrong, then I’ll see the error of my ways. There’s a good chance that I’m totally aware of your point of view, I just don’t happen to think it’s true.
      Just don’t be a dick about it- always good advice.

  2. I heard something the other day that took out the need to ‘believe’ as a prerequisite for investigating faith… If you’re at all into listening to good talks (whether you can be down w/ the whole message or not), then this is good. He’s just generally a good speaker. There are probably more atheists per believer at his church than any other around these parts:

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