Barefoot Faith

I’m reading a compelling and beautifully written book this weekend called ‘Barefoot Church; Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture’, by Brandon Hatmaker.

It quite cheap on Kindle at the moment- I really recommend it if you’re in the mood for some ‘Kingdom work here on earth‘ motivation (and aren’t we always?).

There are lots of excellent ideas and quotes and- gasp- I’m actually seeing the relevance of some biblical passages. Who would have thought it??


This quote in particular has stuck with me. Obviously I’m applying it to faith, but it could be used for anything from losing weight ( yes please. I’m shallow, OK?) to having a neat house (yes please also). Thank goodness I’m applying it to more lofty ideals 🙂

3 thoughts on “Barefoot Faith

  1. I found The Barefoot Church and assumed that this was the correct title. Not Barefoot Faith. Very good price. I am off to read it now,

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