“Small”by J.J Heller

I’m a ‘listening to new music fool’ at the moment. I’ve subscribed to Spotify, which gives me access to pretty much anything I want. I can hear a singer on the radio and presto, I’ve got a playlist of 50 songs on my ipad. It’s the current best frivolous $10 a month that I’m spending.

This is my current ‘sing around the house song’ (although that’s the only kind of singing I do at all these days. When I think back to my wild and crazy youth I can’t quite believe that I used to sing in actual public. I must have been drunk all. the. time.). It’s called ‘Small’, by J.J. Heller.

It made me teary when I first heard it; the lyrics are simple but weighty. I’m interpreting them one way but I’m sure that we all will view them differently.

Anyway, here’s both the audio and lyrics.


Cardboard cutouts on the floor
People wish that you were more like what they wanted you to be
Eventually they won’t have much of you at all in their theology
The walls are closing in on you
You cannot be contained at all

I don’t want to make you small
I don’t want to fit you in my pocket
A cross around my throat
You are brighter than the sun
You’re closer than the tiny thoughts I have of you
But I could never fathom you at all

Broken moldings all around
Broken people hit the ground
When they discover that you’re not here for our benefit
You love in spite of us
You use the least of us to prove the strong aren’t really strong at all

One thought on ““Small”by J.J Heller

  1. Beautiful song . When I am weak then I am strong. Only by the strength of God can I be strong and yes God is unfathomable

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