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  1. Well, this highlights a fundamental problem with understanding scripture: how are we to know which bits are metaphor and which bits are literal? Is the Jesus story literal or mtaphorical? What about the Adam and Eve? By what method independent of our preferred interpretation of these stories can we use to figure out which are which? And failing finding that method, how can we invest confidence in any of it beyond what we would be willing to do with any book of ancient stories?

    • Youre never going to hear me defending most of the bible, trust me. I’m sure that there’s a good chance that some of the New Testament is based on real events, although changed through every retelling.
      Have you read any Spong?

      You and I talk more than my husband and I…

      • Thomas Jefferson cut out everything in his bible except a few red letter quotations of Jesus which he thought was good and made sense. It was later called the Jefferson Bible. Very thin book !

        โ€œI have examined all the known superstitions of the world, and I do not find in our particular superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology.โ€
        -Thomas Jefferson

      • Ha!

        It’s not just the bible; when one pulls back from any particular ‘holy’ book and looks at several, one quickly comes to the realization that each make claims incompatible with others, leading us to ask a very reasonable question: how do we know which one to trust? And the answer is never independent from allowing a faith-based belief to decide. This means that any confidence in any scripture to be accurate, to be true, to be reflective of reality in any way, is brought to and not extracted from scripture. And this means our various interpretations of the divine are wholly a human construct. And I think we can do a much better job constructing a value system based on Enlightenment thinking that does not hold misogyny, bigotry, and various kinds of discrimination as its central features.

        I’ve read only a few articles about and by Spong. I think that like most christians, his heart is in the right place even if he goes about justifying his beliefs about reality from the wrong place. Why do you ask?

  2. The video ends with a question about whether God would compare the devil to a mythical creature, and he clearly expects the answer to be “no”. But some christians would say that was perfectly apt, because they believe the devil is mythical. Other christians (including myself) would simply respond “why not?”. I’m not sure if he considered that answer and if so, why he rejected it!

    Our confidence in interpreting the Bible depends on what we believe. If we believe there’s no God and/or Jesus was a nobody, then of course we’ll mistrust the Bible. But if on the basis of history we believe Jesus was a somebody who matters, who came from God, then we might trust God’s Spirit to guide us through the process of understanding.

    I think the latter, so I have no real problems when people think differently to me, such as this guy in the video. Somewhere along the line, they or me might allow the Spirit to guide us and they or me will get it more right than we did before. And meanwhile, we’ll live in a state of less than perfect understanding, which seems pretty normal for human beings. Since only God has perfect understanding, where’s the problem? There’s enough in the Bible I can be confident of and can easily understand, and following that is challenge enough for me!

  3. @unklee.
    No, you may not have a problem with this bloke, but he might have access to children.
    He talks about an apex predator. Well, he is one when it comes to spewing this nonsense. They can certainly read his book.
    I would dearly love to see the look on your face if your kids had ever come home from school and informed you this was now part of the curriculum across schools in Aus.
    “G’day dad, did’ya know that dinos were once vegetarian and because some Sheila scoffed an apple and got slung out the Garden they became meat-eaters. Well, did yer, dad? It’s in the bible, God says so.”
    Ho hum…..

    ”I think the latter, so I have no real problems when people think differently to me, such as this guy in the video.”
    But then , I suppose you have to be liberal in regard this stuff.

    Always amusing how you would likely scoff at Mohammed going to heaven on a winged horse( I sincerely hope you would) yet consider it perfectly acceptable to believe -and teach – that a man who died a most cruel and horrendous death because of your sins (not mine, I don’t believe in such nonsense) and then came back to life three days later because of a miracle then around forty days later went up to heaven.
    Maybe he helped groom Mohammed’s horse and pick out a nice saddle in preparation for the Muslim prophet?

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