My reaction to dissent, in GIFS.

So, I write this blog. It’s quite small. I just work through my ideas about faith. I think that the idea of an afterlife and God is lovely. It makes me happy and I’d like to believe it wholeheartedly. I don’t, but I still like to write about faith.

Lately, some people have been commenting here. They don’t love religion and like to make that very clear.

When I got my first comment that wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows, I was all


Then I felt

because I don’t like conflict. And also a little bit

Then I was

Because I though that they were saying

But then I realised that actually, the commenters were being pretty respectful. And even though I think that there would be more useful places for them to comment such as blogs of people who are actually religious I was being fairly immature by being stressed by it. So now I’m all

For the record, the God that I would worship wouldn’t be like

She would be more like

to everyone.

14 thoughts on “My reaction to dissent, in GIFS.

    • And for what it’s worth, when I first began blogging I got some dissidents (agghhh…Christian ones) as well. I was exploring my faith on my terms but I did make it public but my first reactions were not very good. I thought they thought they’d cornered the market on Christianity and religion. Turns out they were just sharing their own experience, not being disrespectful. I was the one who was probably disrespectful just because it was such a tender raw place.

      • Yes, if we write a public blog then we accept input. That’s the way it is. I’m incredibly conflict- averse though, so any full and frank exchange if views makes me edgy. I would prefer that heated debates stay off my blog but, as I said- I don’t own the internets!

  1. Excellent! Two and Three one normally ‘sees’ on fundamentalist sites.

    You should know, godless, unwashed and unenlightened heathens are only so bold these days because we know the darn Crispyuns can’t get their hands on thumbscrews, iron maidens, pears, and wooden stakes… there!

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