Well hello Christmas.

Today I began festooning the house. When I was growing up, decorating always started after my birthday in the middle of December- one of the few traditions that I have actively done away with. There’s no tree action just yet but I’ve started working on a few special little corners of the house. Well, to be honest I’ve been wanted to get my new Willow Tree nativity out of the boxes since about July.


Just lovely.

Then there’s this…


Because Lego is the always the answer.

Trying the make the Advent meaningful this year. Haven’t quite nailed it yet but there’s a few weeks left, right?

6 thoughts on “Well hello Christmas.

  1. Eva, thanks for sharing the photos! I think I would just sit and contemplate Advent every day looking at those willow figurines with the lovely view behind them. Looks like a great way to start! love and blessings from Richmond, VA (USA) jm

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