8 Signs of Hyper-Grace Churches

While I don’t totally understand all of the facets of this ( it’s fairly States- centric I think) it’s an interesting article nonetheless.

Escape to Reality

Hyper-grace churchCharisma Magazine recently published an article entitled “8 signs of hyper-grace churches.” Using words like “decline” and “distorted” and “sexually immoral” the article argued that churches built on the message of “free grace” are part of a “dangerous trend” that needs to be opposed and confronted.

What does a hyper-grace church look like? According to the article’s author, a hyper-grace church is one where the pastor only preaches positive messages, doesn’t insist on tithes, and key members of the church are living in sin. Hyper-grace churches are also known for promoting immoral people into positions of leadership, and by refusing to engage in culture wars, they are effectively condoning abortion and the killing of babies.

Honestly, for spouting such libelous nonsense it’s a wonder Charisma Magazine hasn’t been sued into bankruptcy. That they haven’t surely speaks to the good grace and patience of those they slander.

In the…

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4 thoughts on “8 Signs of Hyper-Grace Churches

  1. Thanks, it was interesting. I reckon the truth may include a bit of both sides. Sure it is all about grace and not about law, but grace is supposed to set us free to serve and obey God voluntarily, to be part of the new community of the kingdom of God that gives first allegiance to king Jesus. So we won’t be legalistic, but we will certainly encourage each other to strive to please God and follow in the way of Jesus. My 2 cents.

    • Well yes absolutely. If you love someone you should strive to be your best self to make them proud. Not to make them love you more but to do the right thing.
      Mind you that mob at Charisma scare the willies out of me so I’m happy to jump on any alternative bandwagon…

  2. I don’t know anything about Charisma magazine, but the article that was linked certainly sounded very legalistic, and set up a ‘straw man’ argument, so I tend to agree with you there.

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