Love Mica

You know the standard feeling that you are not doing enough for the poor of this world, and even though the number of World Vision sponsor children that you already have is a source of occasional marital strife and your friends already call you ‘J’amie’*, and even though you feel stretched to your limit you realise that if ‘stretched to your limit’ includes adding a whole new wing to your house then you’ve still got a hell of a lot of wiggle room, and you go onto the sponsorship website to ‘just look’ and the first child that appears is called ‘Love Mica’ and your fourth child is actually called Micah and he is happy and healthy and loved? Yeah, you go ‘Ah, well that clears that up then’ and sponsor that child too.

And me, being me, goes ‘Wow, what a wild coincidence!’ except the wishful part of me thinks that that it might not be…


*It’s an Australia thing.

My Micah

My Micah

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  1. I agree with Arielle: your Micah is a real beautiful blond kid. Congratulations!

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