My inaugural ‘7 Quick Takes’.


  • – This is my first ‘7 Quick Takes’, although I’ve been reading them at for years (I’ve been known to comment ‘I REMEMBER HER BEFORE SHE WAS FAMOUS!!’ which isn’t at all stalky and obnoxious). I love reading Jennifer’s writing, and it’s a good lesson for me to remember that I can like and respect someone while disagreeing (a lot, in some cases) with some of their opinions. And as I’ve said before I feel really drawn to Catholicism. Not drawn enough to become one, but still.


  •  So, Christians held World Vision hostage and demanded that the organisation change its mind about the decision to employ people in same sex marriages. Because Jesus absolutely said ‘Come to me, little children, unless someone on the other side of the world pisses me off, in which case please go and die of malaria in a shanty with no plumbing. Off you pop’. THIS is why people see (some) Christians as hypocritical, legalistic and nasty. And in this case they entirely have a point.




  • I’ve been teaching Grade 10s about the Holocaust this week. Absolutely the worst part of the teaching year for me. And the part that really really makes me question an all loving God. I know, I know, just because I can’t understand something doesn’t mean that there isn’t some huge bigger picture thing, but sheesh.


  • I’ve had a few emails recently from people asking if I’d be willing to feature some guest posts. This is a great idea for a number of reasons and I’ll write more about it later in the week. But if you are a blogger or even a non-blogger with an opinion and you would like to be a guest poster here, keep your eye out for more info. There’s only so many times you can put up with me going ‘Hey, I believe in God today!’ and ‘Nope, that’s it, it’s all hopeless’ before you click over to FoodGawker permanently. We need some new material, people.


  • On Wednesday, my Archie who is now eight, asked me ‘Why is it that when there are lots of girls and a few boys in a show it’s called a girly type show, but when there’s more boys than girls it’s a normal show?’. I showed great restraint and didn’t  launch into a ‘because patriarchy’ rant. I’ll wait till he’s ten for that.


  •  I’ve noticed lately that most blogs that I comment on have a moderation policy. I’ve never felt the need for one and I’m wondering if I’ve just been lucky when it comes to polite and generally good- mannered comments here, or if it’s because I don’t automatically go TROLL!! when someone doesn’t agree with what I’ve said. (I hope that this doesn’t jinx me and unleash floodgates of crazy).


  • I quite like this ‘7 Quick Takes’ thing. It’s a place for all the ideas that aren’t really worth a whole post but that I’d quite like to share. And it means that I’ve posted twice today so I’m practically a professional blogger.




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9 thoughts on “My inaugural ‘7 Quick Takes’.

  1. unkleE’s 7 quick responses (perhaps 7 mis-takes!):

    1. No idea. 2. Agree. 3. Agree. 4. No idea. 5. Sounds about right. 6. Yes. 7. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  2. “it’s a good lesson for me to remember that I can like and respect someone while disagreeing (a lot, in some cases) with some of their opinions.”

    Oh my word, yes. That’s a lesson I’m re-learning every day,and it gets easier and easier. Welcome to Takes!

  3. 1. The history of Catholicism is fascinating to me. I could never convert though; I have a hard enough time hearing what God is trying to say that adding another person to the equation would just confuse things.

    2. They get no more money from me which is sad since they generally do good works.

    3. He gave us Free Will and evil does evil with Free Will. Always has and always will.

    4. Um, sure? But FoodGawker yuuuuummmmmmm!

    5. If he asked the question then he is ready for your rant. Promise.

    6. TROLL!

    7. That was fun!

    • You could create a black market of sermons for ministers with writers block. That’s your retirement plan right there.

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