The person you want to be.

Apparently Facebook is old news. All those in the know have abandoned it in favour of… well, I have no idea. Somewhere hipper and more cutting-edge, I expect. It’s just us left on there, sharing memes about cats and the latest buzzfeed questionnaire results. And unless I get to be River Song or Severus Snape’s wife then I’m not interested.

Facebook is not-so-great for me; it brings out the judgmental and critical side that is sadly too often my ‘go-to’ stance. So I often just close down my account for a while ( like right now) which stops me viewing the petitions people sign or the pages that they like, advocating happiness and love, to be a smokescreen for nastiness. I don’t see the man who is a supporter of  for ‘RUOK Day?’ on FB as a great advocate for mental health awareness because I can only remember the nasty, bullying side that he presents at work.

I’m not so much with the grace, apparently.

We click ‘like’ and think that that absolves us of the responsibility to do anything in the real world because surely that’s enough? I clicked like, for Gods sake. Why are children still starving?

But when I have some distance and some clarity and I’m in a light rather than a dark place, I think that FB shows what we, in our hearts, aspire to be. It’s actually a wonderful example of how much love and compassion people really hold inside, even if it doesn’t always manifest itself fully in reality.

See, the fact that people like social justice-type pages shows that in their hearts they want things to be good. I ‘like’ a page that publicizes which  companies avoid using  (evil) palm oil. Now avoiding palm oil is bloody difficult and 6 times out of 10 I make the wrong decision. But I’m aware of it and one day I would like to eliminate it totally from my diet. Our likes are the ‘me I want to be’.

Facebook shows that people are good. They want good things to happen in the world, they recognise that things are a bit fucked and are really happy that other people are proactive, and they are on the sidelines cheering them on. People are actually fabulous, and Facebook is a wonderful example of that.

If only we were always as shiny and hilarious as we are in FB land!



12 thoughts on “The person you want to be.

  1. Have missed you, but I too am quite tired of Facebookz and all the interacting. I really do,prefer face to face friends. I am so glad that I, as a person am capable of changing as the years go by. As I read Scripture i find that that is God’s plan. Reminds me of the old bumper sticker along the lines of ” don’t worry, God’s not finished with me yet!” Hope life is going well for you.

    • There are some people I miss interacting with ( you know who I mean) but on the whole I think that it’s healthier for people who live too much inside their heads and tend to overthink motives, to stay away. Well, that’s my take on it 🙂

  2. I still don’t do Facebook, even though I do get a fair number of blog hits from that direction. I have this vague hope that Facebook will fade away before I have to get serious and actually join the thing.

    • Like all tech things, I think it has a certain shelf life. And for some people it’s fabulous! But if you’ve survived well for this long then I’d continue in blissful ignorance. I get very very little traffic from FB and only 50 subscribers.

  3. It’s a nice way to look at Facebook – and any social medium where people can be selective about the self they want to portray. We all have many facets to ourselves and maybe the FB self is just one of those.

    I dissed FB because I got sick of people poking me with chickens…..

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