Girls Just Wanna be Nuns- Seven Quick Takes

1– More Sister Cristina!

After a very very long night trying to night-wean a toddler (much crying. many sads), this is a wonderful way to start the day. 

One of my heathens did ask ‘Why is that lady dressed like bat?, which I think is a totally legit question. But we agreed that she is talented and gorgeous and we all dig curious juxtapositions, which is a good result from the under 10s first thing in the morning.

2– I’m planning to make Hot Cross Buns some time today- I’m a bit of a demon when comes to baking with yeast. I can’t bake a cake to save myself though. We all have our spiritual gifts, I suppose.

3– So, Lent, Nearly over. Ironically the past 40 ish days have deepened my faith and trust in myself as a spiritual being, but not necessarily in the direction of Christianity. I do feel a very deep affinity for Christianity, but I suspect that it may not be my eventual path. It was a dead-cert as soon as I bagged out ‘spirituality’ that I was going to end up eating my words, wasn’t it? While I still maintain my argument in that post to some degree (when you put together your own form of faith then there is no mandate to ‘do good’ unless you place it there) it is obviously a more multi-faceted issue than I initially gave it credit for. Of course.

4– I’ve committed to updating my other blog What The Heck Is Hezbollah as part of performance appraisal thing at work. It’s just sitting there being ignored which is a bit sad as I really enjoy it when I actually make time to update it. Each post takes about 3 days to write though, as opposed to here which is much more…casual, shall we say. Anyway, there will be new things happening there soon.

5– The reason that number 4 falls into the category of work is that, with the current state of the curriculum, we have such a huge amount that needs to be jammed in to any given term that if a student asks about the Ukraine situation for example, I have about 10 seconds to explain it before it’s back to Viking mythology or some such relevant topic. I’m hoping to use it as a teaching tool for current events. So clearly I won’t be able to say ‘fuck’ any more.

6– The boys and I have a tradition where we decorate an ‘Easter Tree’ (hanging decorated eggs and the like) which then segues into a ‘Winter Tree’ (hanging cut out snowflakes and clouds). In the past it’s been made from a dead branch from the bush but this year we are using a branch from our Christmas tree from a few years ago. These kind of ritual synchronicities make my heart happy. It doesn’t take much, really.

7– As someone who doesn’t like change, I’m responding positively gleefully to the knocking down and building up of walls in my house. Light! Windows! Joy!




Yeah, back to front photos. You get the idea though.

2 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna be Nuns- Seven Quick Takes

  1. Am loving Sister Christina even if she does look like a bat.

    So glad you are getting back into your Hezbollah blog.

    Am trying to get our household excited about the idea of an Easter Tree. They’re all baffled because Easter is just about getting chocolate eggs, which don’t need to be put on trees. The nine year old’s favourite Easter anecdote is about how he caught me sneaking his choc eggs into his room last Easter, shone a torch in my face and said very calmly ‘I knew it’. No wonder I can’t get the house excited about a magical Easter Tree…..They’re all jaded and cynical….. But we will have a magical tee dammit!

    We watched The Passion of the Christ yesterday. Our Good Friday tradition is to watch an Easter movie. Last year it was Ben Hur.

    Yay to space and light and demolition.


    • All all my lot still believe. Which is lovely but does make sneaking out to spread joy at 5 am a little precarious.
      How ritual is celebrated in secular homes is interesting. You have to be far more deliberate in staking your own positions and making them intentional rather than the ‘no fish today!’ from the good old days.
      I’ve always loved to integrate rituals and things into family life. It’s tricky when you’re the only one flying the flag though! You can just come and hang something on mine 🙂

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