Not expired!

Well how about that? I’ve been getting emails from WordPress for a while now telling me that if I didn’t renew my blah blah by blah blah then my website would disappear. And I didn’t really think I could justify the expense given that I barely post so I decide to leave it to see what would happen. And I’m still here!

‘Not paying bills in order to see what happens’ rarely ends this well, I find.

Some things may have disappeared given it’s free wordpress now but it’s nice to see it is still here when I need it.

14 thoughts on “Not expired!

  1. I’m curious Eva, what were you paying WordPress for? You can use this theme for free on (I used to use it myself) so was it just the use of the “theaspirational” domain name?

    To keep your own domain name normally requires a domain name registration and renewal every couple of years through an organisation that does this. I’m guessing sooner or later WordPress won’t continue to maintain this domain name for free.

    There must be some way to relocate your blog on and keep it going for free but under a domain name. Perhaps you should check, otherwise it may one day drop out. I don’t know much, but that’s my suspicion.

    Nice to hear from you again!

    • I paid to have the ability to change colours and things (which I never did) and also to use video (which I did once and promptly deleted it due to self-conscious embarrassment). I think that everything has just reverted back to the free which I don’t mind right now. I’ve used self hosted (too much effort for this little thing) and this suits for the moment. I may step things up if I get back into blogging properly.

  2. I dunno it was God: sure it’s.. good! I do hope God will protect this blog for it is so inspirational. May His powerful Word press on wordpress, Amen.
    Hearthy (though not “focolare”) Mauro, from italy.

  3. “Also your name cracks me up every time I see it.” you wrote..
    Mine? Why? Mauro is a serious name. πŸ™‚
    I know it is not so common among the En. people. But, nonetheless, it is old some centuries.
    Mauro-s have also some patron saints (on 15 Jan. the most renowned one, on the Cath. List of Saints) and even a crater on the Moon takes its name after an Italian monk whose name was Fra (Friar) Mauro. – hehe –
    If you’re referring to “demi-antipodean”, instead.. well, it is because, you know. we’re not fully antipodeans with (to?) Tassies.
    Greetings / Ciao, Mauro.
    P.S. – BTW: It’s nice to know this religious side of yours.. also because I am struggling to keep my faith after coming back to it a decade ago.
    I’ll try to follow your blog further, if I am allowed to.

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