New Look?

I’m playing around with new themes. What do you think of this one? Yes? No? Stop wasting time and just write a post already?

12 thoughts on “New Look?

  1. Hi Eva, choosing anew theme is always a little difficult I find, because there are so many to choose from but every one seems to have something I like but something I don’t.

    This one looks nice and clean in its colours, but a little crammed in to the space. But as they say, a change is as good as a holiday.

    • Hmm, I agree that it seemed a bit crammed. I’ll have a look at other themes tonight. I do like the cleanness so I’ll concentrate on that I think.

  2. No. I see you as a brighter person than this is. But, I love you and your posts no matter what your theme is.

  3. 1. ‘Tis better than t’other, imo.
    2. Post, woman. Post! Some of us need a little exposure to something other than Tony telling us to be alarmed or Joe telling us to relax because the petrol excise will keep the poor in their ghettoes. We need an unconventional take on parenting or the bible or biblical parenting. And a little swearing never hurt either. Post, please!

  4. Hi Eva, I see you are actively trying themes, as I was a few weeks ago. I like this one now (Hemingway Rewritten) better than the previous one – in fact I like it a lot.

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