Quotes from Richard Rohr

And the award for the ‘Most Literal Blog Post Title Ever’ goes to…

I’m sitting in a (very noisy) cafe, reading ‘Silent Compassion’ by Richard Rohr and I wanted to share two fabulous passages (I’d tell the guy sitting across the table but he doesn’t look like he’d appreciate them).

I think that when you recognise something as beautiful in your life, it partly emerges from the silence around it. It may be why we are quiet in art galleries. If something is not surrounded by the vastness of silence and space, it is hard to appreciate something as singular and beautiful. If it is all mixed in with everything else, then it’s singularity, as a unique and beautiful object, does not stand out.

There are two kinds of silence. There is the natural refreshing silence of the introverted personality or the pause between conversations. But there is also a spiritual silence, a silence that does not need to be filled with nervousness laughter or a joke or any attempt to be clever of show that you are informed and an insider. Such spiritual silence demands a deep presence to oneself in the moment

I want to say that this book is the best one I’ve every read but I’m only up to page 8 so I’ll reserve my judgment for a minute. I should also probably have read it before I went away and used up my quota of silence for the next five years.

13 thoughts on “Quotes from Richard Rohr

  1. “I want to say that this book is the best one I’ve ever read but I’m only up to page 8 . . . ” — That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. It’s perfect.

  2. Obvious blog titles are good! They rate better on Google than trendy ones, at any rate! I’ll look forward to more beyond p8! Thanks.

    • Hi love! I just realised that you are the first person that I spoke with on the internet about religion and belief, way back in the day πŸ™‚

  3. LOL! Reading “Silent Compassion” in a noisy Coffee Shop πŸ˜‰

    He is an intriguing writer… A nun my wife used to work with introduced me to him.

    Coffee shops were my favorite place to read and study… Back when I lived in a place where there was a real coffee shop!

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