You won’t regret this.

Some people are so passionate about their faith that they need to share the gospel at every opportunity, petrified that some poor soul may die with out truly understanding the meaning of life.

I feel the same way about the dobro and banjo. And The Boxer.

This next version is fabulous but I kind of want to yell OH GOD STOP TALKING WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! to the audience. If you’re a bit more peaced out and zen than I am this may not bug you.

Now if Jesus played the dobro and banjo I wouldn’t haven struggled all this time, believe me.

22 thoughts on “You won’t regret this.

  1. Thank you for that. I had never heard of any of them before, but I enjoyed listening. And I like the idea of Jesus playing the banjo. That would have annoyed the ruddy Calvinists if he had.

    • Oh god that made me laugh.
      The album ‘Traveler’ is amazing. You can probably listen to it free on Spotify or what ever the young kids use these days.

  2. 1. This is funny as all get out
    2. This is sassy – in my most favoritest kind of way
    3. I am taking notes
    4. I am curious:
    Did you mean to cut the potentially-incendiariness [love inventing words + clearly I grew up on Buffy] with this (imo) quite generous and empathetic take on ‘religious’ people’s motives when they do the flood-the-internets-and-also-your-ears-plus-any-and-all-other-available-orifices-with-scripturiness thing? Or do you just naturally assume the best of people. Either way it is beautiful. I try to assume the best of people (and usually do, and find I was usually right to! which rocks). But I’d always kind of assumed those who ‘rant’ and wax on etc. were driven by trying to justify it all to themselves, because a piece of them questions it too, and the criticisms (some anyway) of ‘non-believers’ or the ‘anti-religious-institutioners’ hit home.

    I really like your way of looking at it. Thus I shall try to approach thinking about such floodings in that way. Thus shalt I also attempt to speak in elevated Shakespearian, so as to maybe amuse you 1/10th or more as much as you did-eth me in this post, and also on the regulars.

    Hearts And Kisses,


    • OOh, sitting on the internet when a comment comes through is my most favourite thing!

      My take on it is that MOST evangelicals really really think that they have the answer and if ‘the rest of us’ don’t accept Jesus as saviour (etc etc ad nausem) then we will go to hell. I think that if I had an absolute ridgey-didge cure for cancer or some much amazing thing I would probably bash people over the head with it too. I’d want to share the amazingness UNTIL PEOPLE LISTENED TO ME DAMMIT!

      But I don’t have that so I just evangelise Jerry Douglas music instead which is pretty close as far as I’m concerned.

      So in short I suppose that I am actually assuming noble and honourable motives and seeing the best in people. Go figure at me all Christ like!

      • I mean, you could be The Second Coming. Who knows? I think he’d be a wary agnostic this time around. And also female. We tend to crucify fewer of those. Wait I forgot about witches. Dangit.

      • But seriously, try googling ‘second coming woman’. It’s a little amusing (also pisses me off, if I’m being honest, which is something I try to be, for fear of being cast into the fiery pit otherwise). I actually have given this some thought though, believe it or not. If Christ were to come again, I seriously think he’d come as a woman. Father Son Holy Spirit – Daughter?

        It really does make sense in my brain. LOL. Hence:

        Will you please please please please pleeeeeease write a post on the subject?! Like. Please.

      • Goodness Eva. Are you seriously referencing Revelations?! Agnostics have been burned at the stake for less. (Allegedly.)

      • Sorry to disappoint you, Jess:
        Jesus cannot play The Second Coming as a woman! :’o(
        We’d have a Trinity+1, as you lolled..
        Furthermore, Acts1, 10-11 states:
        “While they were looking intently at the sky as he was going, suddenly two men dressed in white garments stood beside them.
        They said, “Men of Galilee, why are you standing there looking at the sky? This Jesus who has been taken up from you into heaven will return in the same way as you have seen him going into heaven.”
        The same way, then.. the way, the gender as a man! ;oP
        About Eva..I agree.. I think she was The Second Coming indeed… Just after Adam (according with Genesis 2, 21-23)! and some millenia Before Christ! LOL! :o))
        Peace! ;o)

  3. C’mon, Jess, they didn’t crucify witches. Nor, apparently, did they burn them. If a woman weighed the same as a duck, she was probably hanged. If not she was probably ignored, which has always been the preferred male response to anything vaguely considered female.

  4. How do you know Jesus didn’t play dobro and banjo? (Besides the fact that those instruments didn’t exist yet . . . let’s get technical!) We know that he and his disciples sang songs (Matthew 26:30; Mark 14:26). There was no sound recording equipment back then, so we can’t be sure that they didn’t leave their instruments in that ol’ upper room before heading out, can we?

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