‘Introduce Yourself’ Page

I added a new page the other week. I thought that it would be useful to have a place where people could introduce themselves and write a bit about where they’re coming from. I’ve seen this idea on few blogs (ok, bigger than this one, but still) and I like the fact that new people can easily say ‘Hi’ rather than having to find a post to comment on and also if you’re following a comment thread you can find out more about the participants by reading it.

Meh, let’s see how it goes. SOMEONE HAS TO GO FIRST THOUGH!

9 thoughts on “‘Introduce Yourself’ Page

  1. gREAT IDEA. i SOMETIMES READ PEOPLE’S COMMENTS AND FIND THEM INTERESTING, AND THEN GO TO THEIR BLOGS BECAUSE (Oooooops, Caps lock) I want to find out more about their ideas.

    People are very interesting.

  2. This is a lovely idea, Eva.
    Much more civilized than, uh, jumping directly into a somewhat convoluted debate with another guest.
    Originally, I discovered your blog via a link on a site I already follow and thought it might be enlightening to read the thoughts of a self-identified agnostic.

    For ease of labeling, you could probably consider me to be an atypical fundamentalist Christian…I do hold some beliefs pretty tightly, but am not opposed to asking questions or saying “I don’t know” if that’s the reality.

    • …and I’m an American who will probably consistently misspell a number of words…or so my Aussie SIL has declared 🙂

    • Nothing wrong with just jumping in; you do well in a scrap! I enjoyed your contribution and look forwards to more in the future. And spelling is just part of the rich tapestry of inter-continental relations 🙂

  3. Hello! I am Mauro from Italy (about 10,000 mi far from Tasmania) ; a sisxty-ager from Italy. Catholic (God forgive me for daring to state that so plainly). I am striving to fulfill my recently ragained faith and I am also an interested devote of the Divine Mercy. Nice to be here though the language barrier.

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