How Many Slaves Sustain Your Lifestyle?

This is a very confronting post with a survey that you really need to take. My score is, sadly, far higher than Jane’s at 69. Time to ask some hard questions.

How many slaves work for you?

Was that awkward? Give that question a try the next time you take a friend to coffee and see what happens. Don’t blame me if they never say yes to your coffee invitation again. Not. My Fault.

How many slaves work for you?Here’s the deal. We learned about slavery in elementary school. We all understand it is wrong to own people, force them to work, and keep them from choosing a life of their own no matter how nice the accommodations may be. We understand this because we wouldn’t want it for ourselves. We also know it’s wrong to support slavery. Not one of us would knowingly choose to purchase goods from a slave owner, am I right?

And here in-lies the problem. Our lifestyle in the western, modern, fast-everything, cheaper-by-the-dozen world has an ugly secret. Our lifestyles are built on the backs of slave labor. It is sad and true.


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8 thoughts on “How Many Slaves Sustain Your Lifestyle?

  1. Ugh! I’m a slave driver! (Thank heavens my kids have left home, which I assume reduces my personal impact. But now I’m worried about how many slaves they have!)

    Thanks, Eva, for the link. Intentional Jane now has a new follower. MIAFW has a new subscriber. And Apple and I will be talking soon.

    And now to bed, to toss and turn…

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