Mysterious ways and all that.

If you’ve read here for a while, you would know that I like a bit of god/religion/bible talk, and I don’t get a lot of chance to do that in my day to day life. (Well, theoretically I could get more of it would involve a lot more ‘all christians are delusional and religion starts wars’ than I’m comfortable with).

Now, we have a ‘granny flat’ on our property and recently a friend and her family have moved in to rent it for a while. If you’re an introvert, you will understand that having people living 10 metres from your front door and sharing a washing machine is EXACTLY THE SAME as living together, so we’re basically living together. I knew that she and her husband were real-proper-christians which is something I find a bit intimidating because in my mind christians = all life figured out and probably quite eye-rolly at me and my ill-conceived notions of god and my cobbled together belief system.

But of course that’s just me projecting and my stereotype of what a ‘christian’ is has been proven wrong time and time again. I’m having a lovely time hanging out with an actual grown up and our two year olds LOVE each other and she cooks meals for my husband which quite frankly he isn’t used to at all and had better get un-used to in about six weeks when they move out.

Then yesterday I discovered that they are creationists and don’t believe in evolution one little bit. At all.

Yep. I’m living with creationists.

Actually, I’m friends with creationists.

Do you ever get the feeling that God engineers situations purely so she can have a good old laugh about things from time to time?

11 thoughts on “Mysterious ways and all that.

  1. If you listen really, really carefully, you will hear muffled chortling. No, that’s not god giggling at your expense; it’s me laughing out loud and the sound is just barely carrying to your place!

    I hope you’ve hidden your Karen Armstrong and Marcus Borg books, plus others you might have casually lying around.

  2. Thing One: Not sure I’d consider myself a ‘good’ Christian but I certainly consider myself one and I’m not eye-rolly toward you at all. I love your questions and honest approach. It’s fascinating and wonderful.

    Thing Two: I absolutely think God engineers situations here just for the fun of it. I think he delights to see us learn and grow in ways we never imagined.

    Thing Three: When we decide to trek around the world a bit can we come stay in your granny-flat? Because it’s just fun to say I stayed in a granny-flat.

  3. Perhaps your friend has a blog where, right now, she is tremulously reporting that “I am staying in the granny flat of a friend who has ill-conceived notions of god and a cobbled together belief system – and so far my salvation hasn’t leaked out all over the floor!”

  4. I meant to leave a comment on this ages ago! How is it going with the Creationist in the Granny Flat Situation (CGFS)? Have you hidden your fossils? Or left them in pointedly obvious spots for her?

    I’d have a Creationist in my GF if she cooked for my husband. No question.

    I agree with Lee.

    • It’s going really well and I’m enjoying having someone to chat to in the afternoons. That said, I like the fact that there is an end date too! We are very very different when it comes to being a mother and being a wife but she is lovely and we don’t discuss evolution. Or my tarot cards. Or substitutional atonement. or reincarnation…

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