So far, I’ve completed a PB of six days of Advent devotional readings- in a row! My chosen devotional has short readings- today’s is James 1:22 which is literally a sentence and the reflection is only a page or so. Although getting to fully digest these is not guaranteed, because I have this need to have quiet time in my favourite chair with a coffee while reading.

If I dropped my standards and settled for ‘devotional in kitchen making breakfast with Micah on bench packing lunch boxes and finishing spelling homework while putting on make up for work and and trying to get emergency parental help for sick child AND drinking coffee and reading bible passages’ then I’d have no problems getting it done but DAMMIT I WANT IT MY OWN WAY.

But I’ve managed to have it my way for six mornings in a row so I kind of feel like Queen of the World right now.

Do other people have special readings or reflections that they enjoy at this time of year? Tell me what you’re reading.

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  1. I’ve been reading about the Holy Spirit lately. Actually, whenever I read non-bible books, it’s usually a book about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is so important to my life.

      • Hi Eva,
        “The Practice of the Presence of God,” by Brother Lawrence is one of my favorite books. “Experiencing the Holy Spirit,” and “Absolute Surrender,” by Andrew Murray are also favorites of mine. Actually, I like everything I’ve read by Andrew Murray. I hope you have a great day. CJ

  2. I read a monthly magazine called Word Among Us. It’s a soft cover book that has daily readings and a meditation to go along with it. I love your mix of favorite chair and coffee while reading it: )

    • It’s the best chair ever. I’m next to a window but I can see almost through the whole house too so I can leap into action when stuff goes down…
      I’ve just googled that mag. It looks great.

  3. I don’t have a specific devotional book, but love to read the Old Testament to discover references to Jesus’ life and work.

  4. Well, yesterday I decided I have to do something to shake some laziness off me.
    To go further that simple Advent Wreath I placed on the table in my living room.
    So I took a left booklet out of a drawer. It was a friend of mine to give it to me as a gift.
    My friend was amazed from its story and so she decided to buy a copy also for me, when she was in Medjugorje, some months ago.
    Its title: “Maryam di Betlemme, la piccola araba” (Maryam of Bethlem, the Little Arab) written by Sr. Emmanuel Maillard.
    I’ll see what’s up..

  5. As Advent has already brought Australians into the Day in which a large part of Christians celebrate their Lord’s birth on the Earth… let me wish you all my hearty Merry Christmas along with my moved up wish for a Happy New Year.

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