I may have to sleep in the chook pen tonight.

I’ve pulled my religious/ christianity/ faith type books off the shelves and my Grand Plan is to organise and curate them beautifully into concise sections. I’ve got ‘social justice’, ‘apologetics’ ‘NDEs’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Christian living’, ‘Catholocism’, ‘Rohr’… well, you get the idea. I’ve also got ‘Really Hard Books That I’m Too Simple To Comprehend’. I’m looking at you, Brueggemann and Philokalia.

This idea was much better in theory, believe me.


13 thoughts on “I may have to sleep in the chook pen tonight.

  1. That’s a pretty impressive set of books. I recognise a few familiar authors – Lewis, Willard, Flew, Strobel, Bauckham and Foster – and a few who are just names to me. If you’ve read anywhere near most of them you merit great respect, even awe! πŸ™‚

    But you are right, Brueggemann is the really big name, all self respecting up-to-the minute progressive christians quote him (Michael Frost certainly does, and I think Brian McLaren and a few others). But I’ve never even tried to read him, so even owning a book of his scores you quite a few points.

    Maybe the chooks would like to read Brueggemann, and you can sleep in your bed after all?

    • I read one Brueggemann, which I loved, but it must have been the 101 version of his work because now I’m lost. ALthough I have read some sermons which are excellent too.
      I haven’t read all of them so I can’t accept the awe πŸ™‚

  2. Ha, ha, book organization … I do so poorly at that! Hey, I see Flew’s “There Is A God” in your collection – and well thumbed at that. I’m a big fan of Flew’s and I’ve always intended to read that one. Just haven’t gotten around to it.

    • It’s good- you should read it. Sceptics threw some shade at him; claims that he had dementia and wasn’t able to make clear decisions. I read quite a lot about it and wasn’t convinced at the claims (I bought it when I was still a firm atheist). Pity you don’t live closer- I’d lend it to you πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, I’d recommend it too. I found it in my local library. It’s not a deep or detailed book, so you won’t find strong arguments and philosophical proofs. But it is worth reading an outline of the reasons why one of the leading atheist philosophers of the last 50 years changed his mind.

  3. Do you have “Love Wins” by Bell. I have also read “So You Think You Knew” by Joshua Tongol and “Mere Churchianity” by Michael Spencer.

    • Well we now know why I have no savings πŸ˜‰
      BTW I LOVE the dinosaur sketch. Dinosaurs are big at our house too. We’re heading to Melbourne in October and will have to, of course, visit the museum.

      • haha yes, I would love to splurge on more books but, you know, food… bills… And thank you! πŸ™‚ I love dinosaurs. πŸ˜€

  4. Hey not being from your area I learned what a chook pen is(had to look it up). Its always cool to learn something new. But what happened to you? I miss your insights. Hope all is well and look forward to hearing more from you soon. Blessings to you. Paul

    • Im glad to have helped you learn Tasmanian colloquilisms! I’m not deliberately having a break, or not writing on purpose, Im just a bit uninspired at the moment. I do have a post that I’ve been writing but it’s kind of died….. More shall come, I’m sure. Thanks for asking!

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