Tidying Up.

I’ve been spring cleaning a bit. I’ve got rid of the ‘Reading Aspirations’ page, because I’d forgotten that it existed (and it was dull), and added a photo to the ‘About Me’. I’m experimenting with adding my Instagram but may decide that was a bad idea quite soon. I’ve also added a comment policy finally (after 2500 comments!) as I’ve realised that I don’t need to make apologies for having certain standards. This, of course, means that I hate free speech and rule with a trigger happy ban hammer, so be warned*. It seems as though we have moved into an internet culture where saying that ‘I will not stand for being called X or Y’ is the new pariah. Those who rail against ‘political correctness’ are also those who seem most affronted that their ‘freedom of speech’ is being curtailed.  Spoiler; that’s not what freedom of speech means.

I’ve read some great articles over the last few weeks; that have made me smile or think or furrow my brow. Presented here, for your consideration but without comment…

The Moral Bucket List

Rob Bell on Life and Faith

The Growth of No Religion

“Re-examining Monica, Marica, Tonya and Anita, the ‘scandalous’ women of the 90s”


*And yes, some people will think I’m being serious. I’ll pray for them 😉 .

2 thoughts on “Tidying Up.

  1. As a “None” (see my book), an admirer of Rob Bell, and a respecter of David Brooks, I love the path you’re on. Keep going and I’ll happily follow you.

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