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  1. That’s a great quote. When I read or listen to viewpoints other than my own I make an extreme effort to put myself into the brain of the other person. But I find it is very difficult because of this addiction.

    • It’s hard. The ego is strong in this one 😉 I do think I’m getting better as I get older though. I had a conversation yesterday with a man at work who was telling me that Christianity is purely a damaging force and people are ruining the environment by having children and I was able to say ‘Well, I absolutely know that both of those are valid and possibly legitimate viewpoints. I am a christian and I have four kids but hey, I may have made bad choices in both areas’. And then he offered to buy me a coffee and let me drive his electric car (true story) so I think it worked out well 🙂
      (He also knew both those things about me before he shared his opinion but instead of being offended I knew that building a relationship with someone was more important that becoming offended)

      • So moral of the story is “show some humility and you can get some coffee and a chance to drive an electric car”? 🙂 seriously though, I feel I’ve changed at least a little with age as well. It likely has something to do with me being so sure of things in the past and then finding out that there was something wrong with my thinking. Sometimes even in technical things at work. I do have a little bit of a struggle trying to find the right balance between a healthy self confidence and the realization of my ability to err.

        • See, humility cures all ills 🙂
          I know that I err often, and could be wrong about just about everything, I find that as long as I keep a sense of humour I manage to get by.

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